April 14, 2015

UniPrint and RF IDeas Give Time Back to the Daily Life of Healthcare Personnel

In the fast-paced medical environment, any delay counts as a big one. Across the St. Joseph Health (SJH) healthcare delivery system in Northern and Southern California, and West Texas/Eastern New Mexico, emergency doctors and nurses, clinical workers and administrative staff require fast and error-free printing of all kinds of documents – prescriptions, patient histories, medical records, X-rays, discharge papers and more, in a highly mobile environment.

To optimize workflow and productivity for improved patient care, SJH deploys advanced technology to streamline access and printing capabilities.  They adopted the Citrix XenDesktop platform along with Meditech HIS and Imprivata OneSign for single sign-on capabilities.  In addition, they chose the UniPrint Infinity software to provide secure, location-based printing and reduce help desk calls.

With this infrastructure, SJH medical personnel can simply tap their badges on an RFID card reader at any computer workstation to open their applications, and bring their session with them to any location as they roam around the healthcare facilities.  UniPrint Infinity allows users to print from any location/machine and ensures that the document will follow the user and always be printed to the nearest printer.

Improved workflow enables SJH’s staff to get through their days more easily and be more productive. Users can effortlessly access the data and print to the printer they prefer.   With reduced help desk calls, IT staff is freed up to focus on other mission-critical tasks.

UniPrint is offering a Free TrialFor more information or to schedule a demo, go to www.UniPrint.net.





March 30, 2015

Learn how RF IDeas maintains 98% same day ship

by Michael J. Colwell CPIM, CSCP
RF IDeas Supply Chain Manager
One of the things we are most proud of at RF IDeas is our ability to consistently maintain 98% same day ship performance on our top 250 products.
When we first began working toward that goal, the challenge was identifying where we could best drive efficiencies and speed into the process.  The decision was to eliminate the need for our purchasing team to be the sole contact point to the supplier for replenishment of stock. That way, we could re-focus them on more value-added activities, such as supplier improvement projects and cost reductions. We also wanted to speed up the communication process to the supplier when stock was at a lower than required point.
After much research and discussion, we chose to implement a process called Kanban. Kanban is the Japanese word for signboard and in a manufacturing environment, it is used to signal the need for more material. There are many ways to do this – placing a card in the tray, turning on a light at the stocking location, or simply noticing an empty tray and getting it filled.
We decided to use our own RF IDeas proximity cards to send the supplier an automated email alerting the need for more material.  Because it is an instant and pre-programmed signal, it is both error-proof and user-friendly. 
Set up
First we needed to create a template. Using our RDR-7080AKU pcProx Writer HID reader and a BDG-2003 HID iCLASS Card connected to a PC, we created a template using the RF IDeas Card Manager software. On the AIRID Writer for Log On tab, we entered the following information:

·        Pre-keystrokes  (Left Blank)
·        Credential 1 (email address to send request to)
·        Post Keystrokes (%2B00%2B00%2B00)
·        Second Line Pre-keystrokes  (KANBAN Request RF IDeas%2B00)
·        Credential 2 (Title of the email, we chose “Kanban Request RF IDeas”)
·        Post keystrokes (Enter “SKU” and “qty requested” to be sent)
·        Card Gone Keystrokes (%1604)
After we created the template, we made an identification card to place next to each associated SKU, changing information in the template as required.
Once the replenishment threshold is hit for the particular item, our warehouse staff opens a new email and waves the Kanban card over the reader.  This automatically enters the data with email address, subject line of the Kanban request, and the SKU and quantity requested.  When the card is removed from the reader, it automatically sends the email without further intervention. The employee then returns the card to the storage rack of the SKU and turns it 180 degrees in the holder to signify that the request had been sent.

We have already seen considerable improvements over the original process, including:

·        Elimination of typing errors that can cause confusion, wrong material, or incorrect quantities. 
·        Nearly 50% cost reduction from shifting the responsibility of informing the supplier of stock replenishment requirements from buyer to warehouse, freeing up buyers to focus on more strategic tasks. 
·        Reducing time it takes to communicate information to suppliers from minutes to a few seconds.
·        Speeding product consumption to replenishment time by several days.
·        Increasing the speed of communication between RF IDeas and our suppliers, reducing potential for stock out situations.